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The law cannot be bent by favor, not broken by power, nor corrupted by money; for not only if it be overthrown, but even if it be neglected or carelessly preserved, there is nothing secure in what anyone may think he has, or will inherit from his father, or yet may leave to his children.
Cicero, Pro CAECINA 73

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariable the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.
Declaration of Independence


Tell your story of what has happened to you
If you are a victim of wrongful foreclosure, we would like to hear your story.

Are you a victim?
Have you been threatened and abused by the banksters? Share your story with us and provide any documentation or key facts of what has happened to you. Forward relevant articles, filings, anything that provides evidence of predatory lending, abusive debt collection, foreclosure fraud, credit tampering, escrow theft, felony harassment, and other such criminal activity in your case. The facts surrounding your story may be able to help us or others going through similar situations. Non-judicial foreclosures and unappealed District Court cases are buried in a quagmire of difficult to search for files at small county court houses and in inaccessible records at large ones. No more silence. No more abuse. Let your story be told and heard. Americans do care. They have not acted because they do not know and understand what has happened. Unless you speak up, they will never know or understand...until it happens to them.

Were you told if the banks want it, they get it?

When an innocent person is targeted and attacked, and the law and those who are supposed to help and protect fail to answer their calls and pleas for help, it is natural to feel alone, think fighting back is futile, and determine winning is a nonsensical dream. This hopelessness is compounded when the banks, attorneys, and other victims repeatedly tell you no matter what you do, if the banks want it, they are going to get it. Millions of Americans fell prey to wrongful foreclosure because they were told their only way to save their families, lives, and careers was to sign over their loans, short sale their dreams, and obey unlawful eviction orders. They believed the lies and surrendered to demands because they believed no other options existed. We know and understand. We heard the lies. We have been there.

What did we do?
We fought back and are continuing to fight back in every way we know how. This is our home. We want to keep it. We have and have always had the wherewithal to keep it. We are and will continue to fight to keep it.

What should you do?
Determining where, when, and how to stand for good and against evil is a personal decision, one that comes to every man, woman, child, and nation. As you make your decision regarding the hostile takeover of American property and what you should do, we encourage you to consider what America and American's future children need you to do; what those who sacrificed and gave their lives to secure property rights, religious freedoms, and due process would expect and beg you to do; what the Declaration of Independence obligates you to do; and what truth, justice, and the American way compel you to do.

What did the courts and public officials do to help?
American courts did not have the courage or backbone to stand up to the powerful banks during the Obama-era foreclosure crisis. They were bought off by fear and intimidation. Our sheriffs procedurally enforced unlawful orders without questioning their authenticity, enforceability or Constitutionality. They forgot they had the power and obligation to stand against lawlessness, no matter the cost. Our government officials looked the other way and refused to get involved. They forgot their promises and became addicted, entranced, and bewitched with the power that came with their titles. Those who swore to protect us and uphold the laws of our land became accomplices to the crimes being committed. Instead of enforcing the laws in place to protect us, they put gag orders on the truth and used the power vested in them to conceal widespread criminal activity. Wrongful foreclosure, fraud, deceit, fraudulent concealment, and other criminal activity cancel the gag orders. If you are a wrongful foreclosure victim, you have nothing to be ashamed of and it is time for you to speak up. You did not fail. You are a victim. Fight back with the truth. Expose the corruption and help stop the banksters and fraudsters from doing it to our family and others. Giving in to a bully today only puts you at the top of his Do It Again list tomorrow. Over 320 million Americans need to know and understand what happened to you so they can help stop the abuse from happening again. They need to know innocent Americans have been targeted for their faith, because of their leadership abilities, due to their efforts in trying to help other Americans resist tyranny and oppression, and simply because they are unwilling and too honorable to look the other way and do nothing when they see injustice. Are these not the character traits of those men and women who founded our country and made her great? Are these not the caliber of people we want to lead our country into the future?

Share your story of what happened to you.
Please share your story and help us spread awareness of just how widespread this attack is and has been. If you would like to remain anonymous, we will honor your wishes. We understand. Tell your story however you feel you can, and help us tell ours. No more silence. No more abuse. Let's fight all the way for our homes.