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It Happened To Us
Glimpses of the Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
November 12, 2019
The day that changed our history

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
The Sheriff could have stopped the unlawful sale of our property.
We asked Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz not to sell our ranch on August 28, 2017. We showed him evidence of fraud and pled with him to investigate further. Friends and neighbors also approached him to request he stop the sale. Because he could see the fraud and did not want to hold an unlawful sale, he asked Clearwater County Prosecutor Clayne Tyler how he could stop the sale. He told us Clayne Tyler threatened to hold him personally liable if he did not go back outside and sell the property. He was unwilling to put his own personal interests at risk so he held a sale when he saw it was fraudulent.

Instead of prosecuting crimes, he sold our property and helped empower our abusers.
Postponing the sale could have given us the time we needed to save our Idaho ministry ranch and end this assault on our family long ago. We could have reached back to the District Court to stay the sale with additional filings, moved the case to higher and different courts, escalated the oversight of the crimes to Washington D.C., required the sale to be lawfully executed, secured funds or other buyers for the sale, had the time to at least be able to try and save our ranch. Sheriff Goetz ignored crimes that had been committed in his county and irregularities with the sale that made holding it unlawful, unenforceable, and non-binding. Despite all these conflicts with justice, he went ahead and held the sale to prevent any personal cost for him. He refused to stop, pause, or reschedule the sale to investigate further. As a result, the sale was unlawfully held and executed. His decisions that day have ultimately resulted in him betraying us and violating our Constitutional rights. It also nullified our rights to redemption and resulted in a void and invalid Sheriff's Deed being issued in the name of PHH. It has also caused him to order the deputies who work for him and follow his leadership to hurt and injure their fellow Americans. It has caused him to summon State police from surrounding areas to dutifully follow his orders and help compound damages and injuries caused by crimes committed against us. At his lead, these officers, acting as police powers of the State of Idaho, entered the private property of American citizens. They, or those they allowed to have access to our possessions, vandalized, pillaged, broke, destroyed, and burned our personal possessions. All officers on site were acting against law abiding citizens and for banks convicted around the country for millions of wrongful foreclosures and foreclosure fraud activity.

We have prayed for our officers.
We have prayed for and with Sheriff Goetz and the officers who invaded our ranch for years. We have prayed for their safety as they performed their duties, their warmth when it was cold, their comfort when it was hot, their families when they were injured, their good days when times were tough, their hurts when we heard they were hurting, their needs to be abundantly met. We have prayed for their character to always do what was right, and their hearts to remain innocent. We have prayed God would show them how important their service to our community was to us and other law abiding Americans. We have waved as they drove by and looked for opportunities to say words of encouragement to them when we saw them in town. We have thanked them repeatedly for their service. We have prayed for God to bless their service and their families for their service. We have made them berry pies with berries just like the ones they pulled out of freezers and delivered to the side of the road.

We have supported law enforcement.
Our family proactively supports and has supported law enforcement around the country all our lives. However, it is with great sadness and disappointment that we feel the need to publicly and firmly reject the actions of the police powers of the State of Idaho on November 12, 2019, and all days since. Idaho law enforcement has committed acts in regards to our family, the Nick and Donna Nickerson Family, that are not lawful, moral, ethical, honorable, or conceivable. We believe every badge that has participated in any of these actions has defiled the dignity of their uniforms and violated any pledges, oaths, or personal commitments they have made to support the Constitutions of the United States or the State of Idaho. Our property was seized outside of court authority and in violation of our Constitutional rights. Our personal belongings were removed without us having opportunity to remove them ourselves when we had specifically clarified with the local sheriff we would have opportunity to do so if we were ever ordered to vacate the ranch. Our possessions were maliciously damaged, broken, and destroyed when no authority of the court had or could authorize such actions.

A star we knew as a badge of honor became a badge of betrayal.
The officers who participated in this attack on November 12, 2019, committed grave miscarriages of justice against us. By their actions and inactions, they became accomplices to what has happened and is happening. We were instructed over and over in Washington D.C. to maintain possession of our ranch at all cost. Those who penned the laws and regulatory requirements are the ones who told us to stay. We were repeatedly told the only way we could stop the unlawful seizure was to maintain possession. We are still maintaining proof of legal possession even though crooks and cops have physically dispossessed us. We are not willingly estranged from our property and have held a perpetual vigil on the hillside above it since November 12th, to remove all doubt or false claims of abandonment. What the participating officers did to us was wrong. What we have fought against and have taken a stand for is right. We still pray for them daily. Only now, we are praying God will convict them for destroying our family's trust, security, and personal possessions and compel them to step forward and share what happened with the proper authorities.

As anyone who has ever picked and preserved berries can attest, the berry harvest at our Idaho Ranch represents a lot of hard work and significant time investment. Our family eats and serves a lot of berries to our friends, friends, and guests. We make quantities of fruit salads, jellies, pies, breads, granolas, cobblers, cakes, cookies, smoothies, and many other berry delicious dishes. Fruit salads are a healthy daily addition to our breakfast meals, and we are always finding good ways to include them as a side dish at other meals. We have served our berries with many reading this report at our family table and have shared them as gifts to many of your family tables. We have even shared our homemade berry pies with the offices of the local law enforcement who raided our home and ranch.

When we asked officers who had violated our property boundaries, personal belongings, freedoms, rights, and liberties, if our berries were safe to eat, they responded that was a risk we would have to take. Would you?

These officers staged themselves for a war and just followed orders to seize our personal belongings. Our family begged many for their help. We asked them to call others for help. We gave them cards with our story. We explained the writ they were helping execute was not lawful. We notified them we had not been served or noticed we needed to remove our personal belongings. We shared our story with them and begged them to stop what was happening. No one stopped what was happening. No officer or public official we called tried to help. Not one.

By their own choices, every one of these officers is an accomplice to what happened to us on November 12, 2019. Every officer had an opportunity to make a difference to stop this tragedy.

Each officer could have asked to see the writ they were executing.
Each could have questioned whether we had been given the opportunity to remove our belongings ourselves.
Each could have asked us why we did not remove them if we had been instructed or ordered to do so.
Each could have found out we clearly understood we, and our possessions, were rightfully and lawfully on our property on November 12, 2019.
Each could have applied some common sense thinking to try and figure out why our family would have invested so much time, money, and resources in fighting this battle for around a decade if this foreclosure had any merit whatsoever.
Each could have researched and investigated what was happening when they heard our story around town.
Each could have let us show them our evidence, answer their questions and defend ourselves against all false accusations.
Each could have recognized we have been denied due process and a trial by jury.
Each could have considered only judicial tyranny could find us guilty without giving us a chance to prove our innocence.
Each could have asked if we needed food, drinks, or restrooms while we were held hostage on the side of the road for around 15 hours.
Each had the opportunity to stand for justice and freedom, but each chose not to. Each one chose to just follow orders.
Each one ignored the mandate, Thou shalt not steal.

Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labor, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.
Ephesians 4:28

But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons. Colossians 3:25

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them...Matthew 7:12

We believe in doing unto others as you would have others do unto you. We did. We made our payments. We heroically fulfilled all obligations toward our property. We worked hard, increased our equity, and built our financial portfolio. We did the right thing even when others around us did not. We honored God, family, and country. We sought relief within the system. We expended great time, money, resources and efforts toward keeping the peace and trusted others to do the same as we fought to save our ranch.

This is what others did to us.

What type of moving company, property management group, property preservation contractors, banks, legal professionals, or Americans would participate in, allow, and help facilitate such a horrific attack on private property and such destruction of the personal possessions of an American family?

North American Van Lines - City North American Moving & Storage, Moscow, Idaho
JAS Properties
Clearwater Log Home Restoration (aaw Blackmeyer Explosives & Fire Service, Firearm Silencer Distributor)
JPMorgan Chase
PHH Mortgage
Aldridge Pite, LLP (Moffat Thomas Barrett Rock & Fields, Chartered; Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley LLP; Just Law Office)
Police powers of the State of Idaho
Clearwater County public officials
Idaho state officials (all three branches)

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid

JPMorgan Chase, PHH, and their accomplices are stealing our ranch.
For years we have told Idaho courts PHH Mortgage is not the owner of our ranch and that PHH had no right or standing to foreclose on our ranch. Judge Michael Griffin granted summary judgment to JPMorgan Chase because he determined Chase was not the owner of our property and that they had no contract with us. Watch our chain of title video. He let Chase escape discovery that implicated them in criminal activity. He then granted PHH summary judgment claiming Chase HAD BEEN the owner and had sold it to PHH. The only rightful and lawful owner of this property is our family. The only ones in this entire battle who have followed the law is our family. Even fancy erase-the-track shoes cannot hide the truths of this matter. This is our property and all these invaders are trespassed.

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
International mortgage robbers and terrorists are attacking our family.
Was this what our founding fathers were thinking when they secured the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Do you think those who sacrificed and gave their lives to secure our freedoms of religious freedom, property rights, and due process would ever have imagined our family would be attacked in the ways we have on American soil? Do you think those who have fought for our flag to be free ever imagined it having to wave over such cruel and hateful acts on its own soil as it did on November 12, 2019, and every day since? We never thought it could happen to our family, until it did.

A father from another family was hired by JPMorgan Chase to be the keeper of the keys and to block us from returning to our ranch. Jim Meyers of Kooskia, Idaho, has made holding our ranch hostage and destroying our personal possessions a family affair. Jim Meyers and his oldest sons have been among the most frequent hired guns on our property preventing and blocking us from returning to our ranch and retrieving our personal possessions. Jim's background as an explosive's expert and firearms trader who sells silencers at Idaho gun shows is what most likely helped him secure the JPMorgan Chase role to forcibly remove our family and try to hurt and injure us as much as possible. He claims to be a family man - married with nine children. Younger kids, and others who have demonstrated hostility toward our family and cause, have accompanied him on our ranch without our consent. We are unsure if they are manning assault rifles for him as well. As we have watched the aggression, hostility, demeaning, and destructive attitudes of those who have entered and exited our ranch toward us and our personal possessions, we wonder how any amount of money, hatred for Christians, or disagreement with differing worldviews, could cause one American to rise up in arms against another. How could one father be so cruel as to burn and throw away the toys, memories, and special treasures of another father's children, especially when he knew they were waiting and praying up above him on a hillside for them to be returned? How could one family do this to another family when they knew this family was being stripped of their property rights without a trial by jury and that no judgment against their personal belongings even existed? Our family will probably never be able to understand. Maybe it is better than we cannot. Our children were taught honor, trust, integrity, truth, and justice at our Idaho Ranch. We wonder what Jim Meyers and others who may come after us are or will be teaching their family at our Idaho Ranch?

What were you doing on November 12, 2019?

What will you be doing when it happens to you?

They came first for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Protestant.
Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.
Pastor Martin Niemoller

Justice will never be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. Benjamin Franklin