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It Happened To Us
Glimpses of the Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
November 12, 2019
The day that changed our history

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and RaidPhoto courtesy of Dave Johnson
Big banks hired the police powers of the State to invade and dispossess us of our Idaho Ranch.
Most recently, what happened to us is Clearwater County, Idaho invaded our Idaho Ranch in an armed raid without cause, right, or authority. We arrived at the courthouse that fateful morning and warmly greeted Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz with outstretched hands. Good morning. It is good to see you, Sir. His response will forever be remembered by our family. His words have forever changed the peace, innocent serenity, and security of Clearwater County, Idaho, and America at large. He told us we were evicted as of that moment, he had already established a hard perimeter around our ranch, all personal belongings were being seized and were now owned by the bank, and we would be arrested if we tried to return to the ranch. He showed us a writ he admitted he had never served that was stamped Serve and Leave in red at the top. The writ was over sixty days old, which means a dangerous precedent is being set by allowing it to be executed. This writ was digitally signed by an appointed judge when an appeal regarding the ownership of the property was in place to reverse his summary judgment. No trial by jury has ever occurred. As required by I.C. § 11-102, the writ was not sealed with the seal of the Court, not subscribed by the clerk, and not lawfully issued in the name of the people. All these defects were violations of the law and rendered the writ lawfully nonbinding and unenforceable. Further, this writ did not even authorize our personal belongings (goods and chattels) to be removed until we were served and given opportunity to remove them ourselves. We made these objections, but were ignored. We requested opportunity to remove our personal belongings, but were denied. We were told the eviction was done and everything on the property now belonged to the bank. We explained the bank had no judgment against our personal property. We graciously informed Chris Goetz of our intentions to head to the property and offered him the opportunity to go ahead and arrest us. He declined. So we approached officers in the hallway to ask them to stop the unlawful seizure of our property. They listened but chose to do nothing. Our family started making phone calls to let others know what was happening to us. On the way out, we stopped by to solicit the help of the District Court, the County Commissioners (who were in session), Court Clerk Carrie Bird (who could have long ago exposed the forged and contradictory documents in the county records), the Clearwater Tribune (who told us they would not be sending a camera to cover the invasion of our ranch), and a few others to let them know what was happening. Not one of these public officials or local representatives made any attempt to do anything to stop the tragedy and travesty that was occurring. We filled the car with gas, then headed up the mountain.

It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid
It Happened To Us - Idaho Ranch Invasion and Raid